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The Ark of Taste Goes to School is a series of activities that, beginning in October 2019, taught children from 21 primary schools in Italy, five in Croatia, and ten in Serbia how to discover their local areas. The schools in question received a kit including a story to read in class and a number of fun learning tools, including a sensory box to guess the identity of food products simply by touching them, a game to understand how many kilometres food products have to travel and what means of transport they have to take to reach our tables, a memory game featuring food heroes, producers, cooks and artisans, and sensory fact sheets on how to distinguish all the nuances of flavor contained in an apple. Classes also chose a food product to nominate for the Ark of Taste to save it from extinction, and a recipe to bring out the best in it.  

More than 40 recipes were collected involving around 1000 schoolchildren. 

Discover the recipes! 


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