Belmuž is a traditional shepherd’s meal simply for preparation. It’s made of three ingredients. It’s caloric and delicious. Belmž is a meal that can be served as a special meal (it’s caloric) or as a hot appeth. You can also drink wine and schnapps with white milk. It’s usually said in the people that it’s a meal for both the Emperor and the Shepherd. It’s quick to prepare and can be prepared in very primitive conditions. 


1 kg sheep’s young unsalmed cheese 

400 gr cornflour 

Half a teaspoon of salt 


Whisk the young cheese with a fork, place in a bowl and heat on a quiet fire until you have a thick liquid mass. Then gradually add the flour and continue stirring continuously. The dough will gradually be caught. It’s over when he releases the fat. Salt to taste.  

It’s served with sour milk. 

Belmuž is old shepherd’s dish that’s closest to a porridge. It is named after white cheese and because it was cooked more often by husbands (a strong male hand is required for continuous spinning of the mixture).  

Researcher: Srecko Tomić, pupil of elementary school “Dimitrije Todorovic Kaplar”, Knjazevac 

Collected by: Milos Majstorovic I/2 

Chef: Jelenko Minic, Balta Berilovac