1 kg of flour

1 tablespoon lard 


2 egg yolks 

1 whole egg 

200 ml of white wine 

200 ml of water 

1 lemon 


Put a spoonful of fat and a spoonful of lard in 1 kg of flour and rub it into the flour. Add white wine, water, lemon juice, 2 egg yolks and one whole egg and knead a smooth dough. 

Roll out the dough into a larger square and coat with a third of the fat. Fold the left and then the right side, then the top and bottom (the fold is like for puff pastry) and let it stand for 20 minutes in a cool place. 

Spread the dough again and repeat the coating and folding process four times. Then spread the dough 6-7 mm thick and cut squares approximately 16×10 cm with a sharp knife. Fill them with jam and just fold. Arrange them on a baking sheet and bake until golden brown. Sprinkle with powdered sugar when cooled. 

Collected by: 

Luka Okolic, I / 2