Crostata con purea di pere cotogne e prus Martin



3-4 quince pears

7-8 prus Martin (Martin sec pears, baked with red wine, cinnamon and cloves)

water as need be

2-3 spoons of sugar

Cut the pears into small pieces, add water and sugar and let them cook in a pot with lid on for some 30-40 minutes until soft, then blend the mixture and let it cool.


1 whole egg

sugar, 80g

butter, 100g

plain flour, 250g

half a bag of yeast

grated lemon peel

(2 spoons of Marsala wine, if it is of your liking)

Beat the egg with sugar, then add the butter (which was previously softened), the flour, the lemon peel and the yeast. Knead the ingredients into a compact dough. Let rest at room temperature for one hour. Roll the dough in a baking tray that was previously greased with butter and sprinkled with flour. Then add the mashed pear and arrange dough strips on top.

Bake the tart in a previously heated convection oven at 180° for some 30 minutes.