“Sopa de pedoci” (Mussel soup)



Mussels, 1 kg


Extra virgin olive oil




Croutons or grilled slices of bread

Time: 60 min

Preparation method

Clean the valves of the mussels to get rid of their beard and any other remains. Wash the mussels in running water and put them in a pan with a lid. Cook on high heat, and as the valves open up, lay the mussels on a plate carefully, not to lose their water.

Sauté some breadcrumbs with a little oil, add garlic, finely-chopped parsely and gradually mix the mussels without their shells. When they tend to shrink, immediately add some of their cooking water, which was previously filtered and left to rest, and some hot water, if need be. Simmer for ten minutes and then pour the soup delicately on croutons or grilled slices of bread.

Extract from: L