Broad beans with pasta




The day before serving, soak broad beans in water to soften it (the best is to leave it overnight). 

Rinse the sheep meat with water well and boil it for a few minutes (don’t use that boiled water afterwards). 

Put soaked broad beans and the meat into a big pot with lots of water. Add some pesto and whole onion. You have to cook it both for about an hour. After one hour, add salt (not before that because the dried broad beans are very stiff). Now add the rest of pesto and let it cook more. When the meat is cooked, take it out of the pot and add some salt  to the soup if needed. 

Before serving, put macaroni into the soup with broad beans and meat, but cook it al dente (if you want your soup to be thick, add some flour that has been fried on oil shortly into the soup)  

Fani Mladineo 

Sutivan, Croatia