Tuscan Soup


For some 30 people


8 Carrots, 625 g

7 Patatoes 1.5 kg

Beans, 1.5 kg

5 Courgettes, 680 g

Cabbage, 3.6 kg

Lacinato kale, 730 g

Tomato paste, 1lt

Bread, 2 kg


Set the vegetables on the table. Firstly, let the beans boil in 3 lt water for some 1.5 hours (since they are fresh). Once they are ready, pass them through the food mill, and gradually add their cooking water. If necessary, add some more water.

Cleanse the vegetable, them cut them into pieces. Once the vegetables are chopped, wash them carefully.

Take a big pot and prepare the mirepoix (a mixture of vegetables: carrots, celery and onion, that are browned with oil, salt and chili pepper). After that, add the tomato paste and let everything cook for some 10 minutes, then add part of the mashed beans, the cabbage and the Lacinato kale. Let cook until the cabbage and the Lacinato kale seem almost ready, then add the rest of the vegetables. Let cook at medium heat, for around one hour and a half.

Take two bowls where to put the bread, previously cut into slices. Set some layers, alternating bread with vegetable stock. Some raw onion can be added too, if of your liking.