Pork legs, ears, tail 

A head of garlic 





Put well cleaned and washed pork legs, ears and tail in a deeper pot, then pour a lot of water. Cook over low heat. When it boils, carefully remove the foam and throw it away. As the foam stops erupting, add the peppercorns, peppercorns and lorber leaves. Cooking takes about 4-5 hours (until the meat is cooked so that the bones separate on their own, and the water does not evaporate by almost half). 

Remove the pot from the heat and allow to cool slightly. Carefully pick up and throw away the grease that floats on the surface. Strain the soup through a thick strainer, and separate the meat from the bones into smaller pieces. Arrange it in several plates or pans, sprinkle with garlic and pour the strained broth into which the meat was cooked. Leave the pihtije to cool and set. Cut them into cubes before serving.