Petter Nilsson

Djurgarden, Stockholm

Petter Nilsson is well known for having reinterpreted Swedish cuisine; he began cooking in clay and hay before everyone else, preferring vegetables over protein. Its fame also depends on the style of its avant-garde food, inspired by the old Swedish farming culture. Petter’s contemporary and innovative approach has revolutionised much of northern European cuisine.

Aged goat cheese in Brown bean miso broth with beach herbs and flowering parsley

4 portions.

Brown bean broth.
50 grams sour vegetable broth
1 table spoon brown bean miso
200 grams roasted bean and sea weed broth

Beach herbs.
200 grams of sea kale
20 grams sea rocket
20 grams glasswort
20 grams sea purslane
1 sprig of flowering parsley
1 table spoon virgin rapeseed oil
Cubes of aged goat cheese

Cubes of aged goat cheese

Thoroughly rinse and pick the herbs, set a side. Heat up the roasted bean and sea weed broth, add the sour vegetable broth and whisk in the bean miso.
Blanch the beach herbs very quickly in lightly salted water, dry of and toss with flowering parsley and the rapeseed oil. Divide the cheese cubes and the beach herbs in deep plates. Pour over the warm bean miso broth and serve.

Sour vegetable broth.
1 kilo ripe tomatoes 1 kilo leeks
1 garlic
1 celeriac
1 celery
200 gram carrots
3 bulbs of fennel
1 kilo courgettes
200 grams parsley root 10 sprigs thyme
4 bay leaves
3000 grams filtered water

Grind all the ingredient in a meat grinder, add the water and 2% salt to the total weight.

Fill up in clean fermentation barrel. Ferment at room temperature for one week and then at 8° c for another two weeks. Fill up in glass jars and steam overnight at 65° c. Store in a cold place. Strain before use

Bean miso.
1000 grams soaked and steamed brown beans 250 grams molded koji rice
1200 grams water
300 grams salt

Blend all the ingredients and pour into a clean bucket, cover tight with plastic and let it ferment for three months at 60° c

Roasted bean and sea weed broth

150 grams dried brown beans 200 grams bladder wrack 1000 grams water

Roast the dried beans 150° for 25 minutes, crush coarsely and infuse in simmering water with the bladder wrack strain after 10 minutes.