Marilena Giuliano

Ristorante Gli Scacchi
Via Provinciale per Casertavecchia 3, Caserta

Located in the picturesque medieval village of Casertavecchia, the restaurant Gli Scacchi represents one of the key reference points for traditional Casertan cooking that’s also good, clean and fair. In 2005 the restaurant began its slow adventures with its entry into the Osterie d’Italia guide. Chef Marilena Giuliano shows great dedication to her cooking and uses strictly seasonal ingredients, faithfully expressing a link with the local area and focusing on pleasure and quality.  

Salt cod ravioli on a cream of San Pasquale zucchini

Serves: 4

For the pasta
50 g twice-ground semolina
50 g soft wheat flour farina
2 egg yolks
1 whole egg
Navelli saffron (Ark of Taste)
1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

For the filling
300 g salt cod fillet
8 zucchini flowers
Cilento cacioricotta cheese (Slow Food Presidium), grated

For the sauce
50 g Montoro onion (Ark of Taste)
400 g San Pasquale zucchini
4 zucchini flowers

Make a well with flours and put 2 egg yolks, whole egg, oil, 1 pinch of salt and saffron, dissolved in a little water, into the center. Knead to a smooth, even dough and leave to rest for 30 minutes.

In the meantime, prepare the filling.

Fillet salt cod, cut into small dice, add minced zucchini flowers and cacioricotta cheese. Season with salt and pepper to taste and add minced chives.  

To make the sauce, slice zucchini into rounds, toss in onion and blend. Dice 1 zucchini and sauté to decorate.

Roll out dough to form a thin layer of pasta, shape filling into small balls and form ravioli. Plunge into a generous amount of salted water and, when it comes to the boil, drain.  

To plate, spoon sauce onto dinner plate and arrange ravioli on top. Scatter with diced zucchini, zucchini flower petals and slivers of cacioricotta cheese.

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