Iovine Fioravante

Viale G. Mazzini 63, Pompei

After several years of working in various restaurants, Iovine Fioravante finally opened his own with a partner, then after two years, in 2011, decided to go it alone with Garum. Inspired by the desire to get to know his local area and its foods better, he joined Slow Food, first as a member and then as part of the Cooks’ Alliance. For Iovine, an in-depth knowledge of his ingredients and their biodiversity is essential to ensuring that everyone can have food that’s good, clean and fair.

Spaghetti alla Garum

Serves: 4
400 g spaghetti
200 g cherry tomatoes, quartered
300 g fresh Menaica anchovies (Slow Food Presidium), boned
40 g toasted pine nuts
40 g raisins
2 tbsp traditional Cetara anchovy colatura (essence) (Ark of Taste)
garlic, to taste
olive oil, to taste

To make the sauce, heat oil in a skillet and gently sauté garlic and chili. When garlic starts to brown, add pine nuts, raisins and tomatoes, and sauté briskly.

While cooking spaghetti, add colatura and 2 ladles of cooking water to the sauce.

Drain spaghetti al dente and toss in the sauce. Garnish with anchovies and 1 basil leaf.