Hannu Sarenstrom

Deep fried brown beansballs with fennel and goat cheese, served with tomato sauce

So easy to make and delicious for a summer party and everyday life

0.5 l brown beans, soaked and cooked
a bundle of fennel leaves
1 garlic clove salt and pepper
chilli to taste
2 eggs
1 boiled potato
1 dl olive oil, or more
200 g goat cheese, cut into small cubes

Add all ingredients except the cheese to a food processor, mix it into a smooth batter, taste with salt and pepper. Cut the cheese into small cubes and stir in the batter. Shape balls with a spoon, the batter is quite sticky but it goes. Roll them in breadcrumbs.

Heat the oil and fry a few at a time until all are made.

Serve with a tomato sauce made from fresh tomatoes and dryed oregano, some chili, salt and pepper.