Graziella Cataldi

U Sulicce’nti
Via Aprile 3, Rosolini

The roots of U Sulicce’nti reach back to the 1930s, when Graziella’s father opened his “Putìa,” a traditional wine shop. The serene and simple space is now run with passion by Graziella and her husband Santino, together with their daughters. They serve traditional Sicilian dishes, revisited with a modern touch and given added value by the use of the best ingredients the local area has to offer. The family atmosphere and understated decor make for a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere.  

Carob flour ravioli stuffed with ricotta and pomegranate in Rosolini cavolo vecchio (cabbage) (Slow Food Presidium) sauce dusted with ginger.

For the ravioli
800 g Tumminia flour
100 g carob flour (Ark of Taste)
3 eggs

To give the pasta the right flavor, it is important to use the right amounts of Tumminia flour and carob flour.

Blend the two flours with eggs and salt and knead to a dough. Roll to a thickish sheet. Cut out 5 cm squares, add the filling and seal into small round bundles.

For the filing
1 egg
700 g cow’s milk ricotta
salt and black pepper

Put all the ingredients in a pan and work with a tablespoon.

For the sauce
extra virgin olive oil
roughly crushed chili
50 g Avola Pizzuta almond
1 bunch Rosoloni cavolo vecchio
fresh ginger
Ispica sesame seeds, toasted

First blanch the cabbage.
Brown the shallot, add the cabbage, salt, chili, ginger and almonds.
To serve, toss the ravioli in a skillet and dust with the toasted sesame seeds.