Antonella Scatigna

La Taverna del Duca
Via Papatodero 3, Locorotondo

Antonella Scatigna has been running the kitchen at La Taverna del Duca for over 10 years. The restaurant is a point of reference for anyone who wants to taste Puglia’s authentic gastronomic traditions. The menu includes many dishes based on seasonal vegetables, typical of the local area and carefully selected by Antonella. Equally laudable is her commitment to charitable causes, organizing fundraising dinners and supporting projects that she follows directly.  


An old recipe made with poor ingredients and leftovers.

Acquaviva red onion (Slow Food Presidium)
Torre Canne regina tomato (Slow Food Presidium)
Traditional Alta Murgia bread (Ark of Taste)
Savoy cabbage
Ferrandina baked olives (Ark of Taste)
Valle d’Itria oil

Chop all the vegetables into small pieces and cook in a generous amount of water. When the water has been almost completely absorbed, tear the bread into small pieces. When the bread has almost soaked up the remaining liquid, add the olives and serve with a splash of oil.