Andrea Sapori Montani

Ever since it opened in 1996, Andrea has always chosen to use the products of the Ibleo area in his restaurant, following seasonality and history. Unlike many of the other local restaurants, which focus on seafood, he also offers more inland specialties, as reflected by the restaurant’s name (saporimontani means “mountain flavors”). Along the way he came across Slow Food and began a close involvement with the movement, thanks in part to the Syracuse Convivium. Respect for seasonality, carefully selected local ingredients and the promotion of the local area are the key elements that feed into his work.  

Pork of Sicilian black pig in a Bronte pistachio, ginger and lemon crus

To make crust, blitz pistachios, ginger and lemon in a food processor and reserve. Marinate sliced pork in oil and wine. Coat with crust mixture and bake at 160°C for 10 minutes. Season with salt and serve with finely shredded cabbage (prepared at least 2 hours in advance) and dress with oil, lemon and black pepper.


600 g Sicilian black pig pork, sliced (Slow Food Presidium)
100 g Bronte pistachios (Ark of Taste)
10 g fresh ginger, grated
20 g lemon zest, grated
20 g pecorino, grated
Fresh breadcrumbs