Paolo Reggiani

Ristorante Laghi
Via Albone 27, Campogalliano

Since 1988, the Ristorante Laghi has been continuing a family tradition of good food, warm hospitality and a careful sourcing of ingredients. The cooking respects the local cultural and gastronomic heritage, while a sense of pleasure and good humor is carefully cultivated. Behind the restaurant, the family has created a small herb garden which is used year-round as a source of delicious flavors and fragrances.  

Maltagliati filled with Parmigiano Reggiano and ragù of Lake Trasimeno beans

For the pasta
100 g soft wheat flour
1 egg

For the cream filling
400 g Red Cow’s milk (Ark of Taste) Parmigiano Reggiano aged 30 months
2 egg whites
nutmeg, grated

For the bean ragù
100 g Lake Trasimeno beans (Slow Food Presidium)
50 g Mora Romagnola lardo, hand-chopped
1 Medicina onion
1 tbsp tomato purée
2 tbsp Brisighella oil, “Selezione Alina”
1 bay leaf
Cervia salt

Knead egg and flour and leave resulting pasta dough to rest.

Blend Parmigiano Reggiano and egg whites to a thick cream.

Boil beans in water with bay leaf.

Brown finely chopped onion in lardo and add a few tablespoons of half-cooked beans and cooking water.

Add tomato purée and leave to braise for 10 minutes.

Add braised beans to boiled beans.

Roll out half the pasta.

Spread with Parmigiano cream.

Roll out second half of past and lay over first. 

Seal the two sheets using a rolling pin.

Using an undented pasta wheel, cut into small lozenges (maltagliati).

Cook maltagliati in salted boiling water.

Drain and dress with bean ragù.

Drizzle with oil and serve.