Federico Zordan

Pizzeria San Martin
Via San Martin 36, Cornedo Vicentino (Vicenza)

The three key ingredients that business partners Federico Zordan and Paolo Centomo put into the Pizzeria San Martin are experience, passion and ideas, and they have managed to make quite a name for themselves thanks to their unusual creations at the restaurant. Their philosophy is based on a new way of understanding cooking, delighting in the rediscovery of ancient flavors and modern pairings and prioritizing local products and Slow Food Presidia. 

Pizzeria San Martin

The pizzeria came into being in 2010, when   Federico Zordan inherited his father’s business. With Paolo Centomo, heset out tochange the way in which we eat pizzas, replacing hackneyed toppings such as mushrooms and pepperoni with fresh local ingredients, carefully sourced and imaginatively combined, and placing the onus on digestibility and teamwork. The upshot is that the ideas, experience and flair of the two partners come through in their pizzas. In 2005 they became members of the Alleanza dei Pizzaioli and began using Slow Food Presidium products.

As a result, they not only featured in Pizza una grande tradizione italiana (Slow Food Editore) but were also been mentioned in I Gatti by Paolo Massobrio, the Ristoranti d’Italia dell’Espresso guide, and Where To Eat Pizza by Daniel Young.

Pizza with polenta and baccala’ alla vicentina

xxx yellow maranello flour
stockfish (migrant product)
white onion of Fara (Slow Food Presidium)
Menaica anchovies (arca del gusto)
extra virgin olive oil

We prepare the dough with Maranello corn meal and bake it in the oven as it is. Halfway through the cooking process we top it with Baccalà alla vicentina, which we produce ourselves with stockfish, a migrant product. After soaking the fish in water, we fillet it and add Fara white onion (Slow Food Presidium) and Menaicaanchovies (Ark of Taste), extra virgin olive oil and milk. We cook the mixture at a low temperature for 4-5 hours. We spoon it over the pizza directly in the oven, and when the pizza is cooked we garnish it with minced fresh parsley.

Our recipe ticks the three boxes requested and strongly identifies our local Vicenza area. It represents a meeting between our cooking and the pizza, a concept that appears all through our menu.