Simone Bonat

Ristorante Cant del Gal
Val Canali, Pale di San Martino

Founded in 1951, this restaurant was initially a destination for the climbing enthusiasts, alpinists and tourists who would flock to the Dolomites. In 2001, Nicola Cemin and his wife took on the legacy of the historic location, where chefs Marco Salvadori and Simone Bonat now offer local, traditional cooking. They are very concerned with tracking down the highest-quality ingredients, and use several Slow Food Presidia from around Trentino. In the kitchen, they take historic recipes and reinterpret them in a modern key—without making too many changes—and manage to capture their authentic essence.  

Gnocchetti flavored with ricotta del Primiero and Peruvian coffee in a basket of Dorotea maize tagliolini with wild baby spinach and creamed Gialet beans

For the gnocchi or quenelle dough
100 g fresh Primiero dairy ricotta
4 egg yolks
plain flour
20 g Kisanska coffee

For Dorotea maize tagliolini (maize from the Solan-Imer farm, Trento)
120 g plain flour
2-3 g egg
80-90 g Dorotea fioretto maize flour
Primiero mountain butter (Slow Food Presidium)

For creamed Valbelluna Gialet beans (Ark of Taste):
80-100 g Gialet beans
1 boiled potato
1 tbsp Lake Garda extra virgin olive oil

To decorate
Primiero baby spinach
strips Siror carne fumada (smoked beef)
Val Canali wild flowers

For gnocchetti/quenelle

Knead ingredients to form a smooth dough and shape into either gnocchetti or quenelles.

Cook chosen shape in salted boiling water.

Once cooked, dress with mountain butter smoked with  mountain pine.

Cooking time 5-8 minutes.

For the Dorotea maize tagliolini

Blend the plain flour with the Dorotea maize flour, add the eggs and knead to a dough.

Leave to rest for an hour, then roll out and cut into  tagliolini.

Fry tagliolini in Lake Garda extra virgin olive oil.

Shape into a nest or small cannoli, as desired.

Soften mountain butter to make it easier to work.

Smoke butter with mountain pine needles and chop the pin shoots to add to butter later.  

Using a sac à poche, create flakes of butter to the size desired.

Toss gnocchetti in remaining butter.

For the creamed Gialet beans, boil beans in water.

When cooked, emulsify in a food processor with boiled potato, adding a little Lake Garda extra virgin olive oil.  

Using a sac à poche, decorate the dish with resulting cream (which should not be too thick in texture).

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