Cream cheese from Resava region


A favorite cream cheese from this area goes best with corn bread.

Dairy products in the mountain villages of Resave are usually made from sheep’s or goat’s milk and in the lowlands from cow’s milk. Resava is known for its milk being processed into cheese.

The most popular is the whole-milk cheese made from uncooked milk. But there are other ways to make cheese. In the villages of Lower Resava, the cheese which is mostly made is the cheese named “vurda”, and it is remembered that people once poured well-cooked and salted mutton milk  into pots in the fall and left it for the winter. This is “makalo”, soft cheese or kajmak (home made cream), a favorite cream cheese used for breakfast with a home made bread baked in clay pot amongst live coals, by which this region is recognizable.

If you decide to come and get to know the charming nature of the Resava region, you will not resist this specialty.

We got this recipe from the kind owner of the ethno restaurant “Trajko”.


Mature sheep cheese is ground into medium slices and placed in a prepared pan.

Then, the sheep’s milk is cooked and left to cool.

When the milk has cooled, pour it over the crushed cheese and leave it at room temperature.

After that, place it in the refrigerator, where it can be stored for 10 to 15 days.

Jasmina Ristic

Resava region (Serbia)